Our Story

A story going back 50 years !

The Jonak brand was born back in 1964, when the company opened its first boutique in rue Saint Placide, in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris.

In the 1990s, the network expanded in Paris and the wider Paris region.
Then, in the early 2000s, the brand moved up a gear, placing expansion — both nationally and internationally — firmly at the heart of its strategy, and forging partnerships with major department stores like Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.

In 2015, the brand had over 80 retail outlets worldwide and was setting the standard in the footwear market with its high-quality on-trend collections.

The brand offers rich collections with over 400 exclusive designs every season, created by the company’s artistic director. Throughout the season, these collections are complemented by regular launches of new products. A brand identity has gradually been established, based on flagship designs and timeless classics that are extended for a few seasons in new materials and new colors. What makes Jonak so unique is that it specifically offers shoes for all women, positioning itself between the luxury market and the mass market. The renowned Jonak quality is principally due to outstanding leather workmanship, fantastic attention to detail, and cooperation with European-based exclusive partner factories that hand-work luxury materials, as well as adhering to all European regulations and abiding by the ethical rules the brand has been implementing ever since it was created. Thanks to this managed value chain, Jonak is able to operate with a high level of responsiveness and flexibility, enabling it to replenish stock in less than two weeks and to adapt to any customer requests (personalization, different sizes, exclusive products, etc.).

The Jonak woman

Being a Jonak woman means:
- being 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 — but looking ten years younger…
- managing to reconcile your active life and your leisure time.
- working like crazy — and then taking the time out for a lunch with the girls.
- knowing all about trends, and creating your own style.
- working on your exam prep, and taking five minutes out to go and buy the "too lovely" pair of shoes for your Saturday night out.
- spending an hour in the supermarket, to end up with a plate of sushi in front of you.
- spending the day in a skirt and high-heels and the evening in jeans and sneakers — or vice-versa.
- looking at your smartphone ten times a day — and leaving it behind ten times a year.
- feeling your are feminine even in a tracksuit with an untidy bun in your hair.
- taking four hours to pack a suitcase, but hardly ever tidying your handbag.
- buying make-up yet staying natural.
- moaning when your daughter borrows your clothes — yet being proud that she likes your style.
Our collections are aimed at all women who like who they are!!

Commitments to our customers

Our slogan “Access to excess” conveys Jonak’s mission well. We offer you a great deal of choice and superb quality at affordable prices. In order to do so, at a certain point in our development, we had to take a number of decisions.

About the production locations
In order to have as much control over manufacturing as possible, we decided to integrate the production element little by little as we went along. We are proud to be able to say today that 95% of our shoes are produced in our European factories using leathers from European tanneries. Above all, this means we are able to guarantee the origin of our products, the materials used, and the working conditions in which they are produced.

About sales prices
The choice of production in Europe inevitably had a direct impact on the cost of the goods sold. However, we decided not to pass this cost on to the customers. Consequently, we offer truly attractive value for money. Virtually all of our shoes are made of leather, not synthetics. And this is cow, calf, or goat leather, not pig. The sole consequence of this choice is that our margins are limited. Which is why our brand believes it is selling at the right price, and does not give in to pressure to offer excessive reductions or hold ‘bargain-basement’ sales. If we are unable to offer you unbelievable reductions during our sales, this is because we believe you ought to be able to buy a shoe at the right price all year round, and not just during the sales! Obviously, we could put up our prices so as to be able to offer ?70% during the sales, and achieve most of our sales at that moment – but that’s not the choice we made. When we set a price, it’s because we believe it is correct throughout the season, not just during the sales. And at least this way you will avoid the disappointment of seeing a product you have bought at a much higher price appear in the sales much cheaper.

About recycling
Our shoes are packed in boxes, with tissue paper, delivered to us in consignments in cardboard cartons. And when you buy them in our stores, we put them into bags for you! So we realized that all that meant a lot of paper… The company founder had already been aware almost 50 years ago of the need to take care to protect our planet. That’s why we were already offering our customers fabric bags back in the ’60s. So you can see why we wanted to carry on in this direction, and try to produce a maximum of our boxes using recycled paper, we give you bags made of reconstituted plastic, we pay a “bulky item recycling” service to come and collect our cartons for recycling.

About fair trade
In Summer, you’ll often find amongst our styles little summer sandals with beads, quite rustic. These are made by small producers, often in Africa. They don’t have access to the major European markets. Which is why we are delighted to be able to help them by buying their products at European prices and proposing them to you in our stores. We try to help trade in these countries in difficulty as much as we can.

A financially-solid family business

Since it was set up, the company has remained in the hands of the family who founded it. It has a top rating from the Banque de France and has been awarded an AAA rating by the SFAC [French national confederation of financial advisers]. The company shows a Debt/Equity ratio of 10%, and has doubled turnover over the last five years.