Our Story

The house of JONAK

Jonak is the story of a French brand created by the Nakam family during the 1960s. While Marcel Nakam opened the first Jonak boutique in the Parisian quarter of « Saint-Germain-des-Prés » in 1964, it was his son, Joseph Nakam, who largely developed the brand from 1978 onwards. Joseph in turn passed his passion for shoes on to his children, who have been managing the company since 2012.
At Jonak, everything is authentic and handcrafted: from the selection of the leathers used to the carefully supervised production processes and the meticulous, original finishing touches, nothing is left to chance. Our designers dream up the shoes that will satisfy your appetite for fashion: basic styles that aren’t so basic after all, timeless classics with trendy details – in short, casual fashion that is accessible to all!

The Jonak woman

With 400 references per season, all women find happiness at Jonak.
Inquisitive, connected, trendy – the Jonak woman is never wrong!
Fashion makes life more joyful and more surprising for her!
She has a knack for finding the right tone.
The Jonak woman knows where she is going even when the direction seems to change;
she lets herself be influenced if she wants to. She has character.
Adopt a unique detail, set herself apart?
Rather twice than once!

Our products

We offer our customers high-end, informal shoes that are accessible to all. With us, you can enjoy a choice of basic and trendy styles, always with a unique Jonak twist, all year long. The secret to our versatility? Our ultra-short production channels, which allows us to adapt to the latest trends – and to your wishes!
Our unique, original styles are produced using traditional handcrafting methods in factories that are dedicated exclusively to manufacturing our Jonak collections and most of which are located in Europe (Portugal, Italy, Spain). We are constantly reinventing our Jonak range of products to follow the whims of fashion and allow women to follow trends as they wish.
We want to offer you the best of quality through our expertise and place particular importance on the excellence of the materials we use: artistic direction of the collection, choice of leathers, in-house details, meticulous finishing touches...At Jonak, nothing is left out! We combine production precision and relevant offerings to present you with a product range at a fair price all year round so that all women can have the power to indulge their desires.