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As a major player in the shoe industry in France

And with our international development continuing, Jonak is committed to offering our customers quality products that align with responsible practices, both socially and environmentally.

While the importance of these measures has always been crucial at Jonak, we now more than ever realize the necessity of conveying them to our partners and customers.

Since our presence in the French market since 1964, and the distribution of our own collections starting in the 1990s, we embarked on a more creative journey that also led to strong commitments.

This approach is rooted in a family tradition of respect, both for stakeholders and the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy was implemented early on, reflecting a growing awareness of sustainable development issues.
It revolves around three major pillars: quality, trust, and ethics.

The manufacturing steps, from the choice of leather to the meticulous finishes, are scrupulously followed to offer well-crafted models. We constantly work to improve our shoes and ensure a high standard of quality for products that will accompany you over the years.



In order to discover a wide variety of expertise necessary for our needs and production, we have surrounded ourselves with different European and international actors. This diversity of talents is essential to the eclecticism of our collections.

Europe : 86%

Asia : 12%

Maghreb : 2%



Our shoes are mainly made from leather, a noble and natural material used for thousands of years. Durable and comfortable, it is the epitome of sustainable material. Aware of the environmental impact that its transformation can generate, our goal is to reduce our footprint by working with tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). This organization has developed the standard for auditing leather manufacturers. They assess the environmental impact of leather production and classify actors in the industry based on different grades: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Audited, and Agent. This evaluation rewards establishments that limit the use of chemicals, water and energy consumption, water discharge, and air emissions.

JONAK joined LWG in April 2023.

For the Spring-Summer 2023 season

90% of our leathers are certified, with

55% classified as Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Our objectives are, firstly, to achieve 100% certified tanneries by the end of 2024.

Secondly, we aim to encourage our tanneries to improve their environmental commitment. Therefore, we hope that our tanneries classified as Gold, Silver, and Bronze will reach 80% by the end of 2024.



True experts in their field, the workshops we work with meticulously adhere to about 150 steps necessary for the production of a shoe. It is a work of passion that perpetuates an ancestral know-how, undoubtedly resulting in a guarantee of quality.



The majority of Jonak models are made of leather. This natural and very sturdy material provides great durability to your favorite pairs of shoes. Like all precious materials, it is essential to give them special attention. That's why we have established a partnership with “Les Cireurs”. Located in the heart of Paris, this shoe repair workshop has been repairing and maintaining our shoes from the Parisian region since 2021.

Fostering relationships of trust with our partners and customers based on exchange and transparency. Behind the purchase of a pair of shoes, there are humans, know-how, raw materials, logistics, and many other aspects that we must act upon.



While we have been distributing our own collections since the 1990s, we have naturally developed close collaborations with some of our workshops for over 30 years. In Portugal, there are currently 3 manufacturers exclusively dedicated to crafting Jonak shoes. This bond of trust and mutual respect allows us great freedom, rare responsiveness, and personalized expertise. It also enables us to order quantities that closely match our needs, avoiding excessive stocks that generate emissions and waste. As Jonak continues to grow, new workshops have joined us to form a solid network of experienced professionals capable of adapting and meeting the trends and specificities of each season. These privileged and daily relationships with our design team enable us to produce in the most appropriate way in terms of style, quantity, quality, and price.



Understanding that the production of a shoe requires approximately 150 steps, the stakeholders involved in this process, all essential for the smooth running of the design, are numerous. Therefore, we recognize the importance of identifying all parties involved. This is broken down into several “ranks”.

Rank 1 : These are the workshops responsible for shoe production: pattern-making, cutting, stitching, assembly, finishing. Currently, we have traced 100% of our tier 1 factories.

Rank 2 : This mainly concerns tanneries that process leather according to the desired finishes. 100% of our tanneries have been traced. This tier also includes other shoe components such as zippers, laces, etc. We aim to focus on these elements and ensure their traceability by early 2024.

Rank 3 : This involves producers of raw animal-origin materials.

Jonak ensures the safety and health of its employees as well as the environment in which they operate. Protecting our microcosm as much as our macrocosm is essential for sustainability.



We ensure good working conditions for our employees as well as all individuals involved in our production process, including workshops, warehouses, and commercial partners.

55% of our workshops have been audited by external firms. They verify compliance with social standards based on international standards from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and local regulations of the producing countries. Points of vigilance include working hours, remuneration, days of rest, infrastructure safety, absence of discrimination or forced labor, social benefits, and employees' freedom of expression. After this evaluation, a corrective action plan is communicated to the factories. We work hand in hand to improve any identified issues. We aim to audit 100% of our factories by early 2024.



This code aims to consolidate basic ethical principles regarding the defense of human rights, respect for equality, and non-discrimination based on race, gender, or beliefs, as well as freedom of opinion and expression.

Respect for legal working hours

Adequate workspace for each employee

Provision of necessary tools for carrying out their work and regular supervision

Salaries and bonuses in accordance with the collective agreement

Gender pay parity

Equal opportunities in employment

Company activities promoting team cohesion and good relationships

Being responsible means caring not only about the quality of our production but also about the origin of raw materials, the production process, its impact on the environment, distribution, and many other factors related to the product, creating a coherent whole that aligns with the brand's values and respects everyone involved.

To go further, the majority of our factories:

Use water-based glues, which are more natural and environmentally friendly

Use recycled cardboard or cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Optimize their production chains to avoid overconsumption of energy.

Collectent, trient et recyclent leurs déchets industriels.

Install photovoltaic panels, procure electricity from renewable sources, or use low-energy consumption machines.

Jonak, a caring actor

Beyond the scope of our business, we are committed to supporting associations through annual donations and collaborations on social issues that are close to our hearts. Since the founding of JONAK, we have been supporting initiatives related to equality, education, health, environment, and art , striving for a more promising future.

Each year, Jonak dedicates 1% of its turnover to philanthropic actions through donations, both in-kind and financial, to organizations such as:

Cravate Solidaire: a network of general interest associations that works for equal opportunities. It combats discrimination in hiring, particularly related to physical appearance, and enables people in precarious situations to succeed in their job interviews under the best conditions.

Secours Populaire Français: a recognized public utility association that acts for a fairer and more supportive world. Whether in France or internationally, it provides emergency assistance, long-term support, and comprehensive care in material, food, medical, moral, and legal aspects.

Fondation One o One for Reanimation: 101 supports the development of personalized resuscitation. They provide training for healthcare professionals, fund research and development programs for patient and family support to reduce trauma and promote a return to a high-quality “second life”.

JONAK financially supports artists through various initiatives.

In 2018 and 2019, we provided Laura Gulshani and Léa Augereau with spaces for expression and visibility during artistic residencies organized by us.

In 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on museums and the cultural world in general, we conceived the project “La culture fait le mur”. In the streets of Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux, Jonak adorned the walls with inspiring and inspired artworks to bring back the artistic aura to French cities. It offered a moment of escape in the heart of cities during this unique period we all went through.

In 2022, we launched the “Jonak Summer Factory,” allowing artists from diverse backgrounds to freely express their imagination and creativity in designing their ideal Jonak campaign.

We also showcase artworks that are dear to our eyes in our premises and boutiques to perpetuate Art. Jonak nurtures an intimate connection with Art, firmly believing that culture is alive, open for everyone to embrace, and it allows one to escape, if only for a moment.

All these projects primarily stem from Jonak's desire to encourage Art in all its forms, especially contemporary art.

Jonak and art


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