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As leather is originally the skin of an animal (cow, calf, goat, lamb), it requires regular and appropriate hydration, just like our skin. Just as there are different skin types, there are also different types of leather, each requiring specific care using suitable products. Proper leather care ensures that it remains intact for a long time!

Waterproofing sprays work on leathers, suedes, and textiles, and will help prevent your shoes from staining at the slightest drop of rain. When wearing black shoes, it's easy to forget this step, but we advise against neglecting it. However, with suede and colored shoes, it's mandatory to preserve them in their initial state! If there's one product you must have in your closet, it's this one. Ideally, apply it for the first time before wearing your shoes and then repeat the process regularly, especially during rainy weather.
Stacked on top of each other, squeezed into closets, or compressed in suitcases, your shoes sometimes endure tough conditions. If left neglected in these conditions for too long, they may have a harder time regaining their original shape, and creases and marks can form on the leather.

To prevent this, we recommend using shoe trees that help your shoes maintain their initial shape, avoid crease marks, and absorb moisture from the leather. For boots, don't hesitate to use boot shapers to keep the shaft upright. If you don't have these items, tissue paper from shoe boxes can be used for the same purpose, or even a balled-up pair of socks will do the trick!
Before maintaining the leather of your shoes, if you notice any stains, you can use a damp cloth and gently rub to make them disappear. This works perfectly fine on leather, but for suede, be cautious not to rub too hard to avoid damaging the nap. Once the leather is perfectly clean, apply a cream or polish to deeply nourish and bring shine to the material.
This advice applies not only to your shoes but also to your feet! It's recommended to alternate between flat shoes and high heels for the overall well-being of your body. As for your shoes, not wearing the same pair every day allows them to properly air out and avoid the development of bacteria and odors. We understand how much you love wearing your new favorite pair of boots, but consider alternating them with other pairs to keep them in good condition for a longer time!
The common mistake to avoid when our leather shoes have been caught in the rain and become wet is to dry them near a heat source like a radiator. While this may speed up the drying process, it can cause the leather to become stiff and rigid! Instead, we recommend letting them air dry naturally, preferably using shoe trees to prevent any potential deformation. Your shoes will regain their shape without becoming brittle. A gentle cleaning followed by conditioning with a cream will also be appreciated to keep them in good condition.
Immediately after purchase, waterproof and regularly reapply to prevent stains and protect the leather.
Maintenance :
Dust off with a crepe brush or a nubuck sponge.
Remove stains using a gum eraser, foam cleaner, or shampoo.
Revive the color with a renovator.
Waterproof to protect.
Immediately after purchase, waterproof and regularly reapply to prevent stains and protect the leather.
Maintenance :
Clean with a cleaning milk.
Polish with a wax polish or colorless cream.
Use a polishing brush for application.
Shine with a gloss brush.
Waterproof to protect.
Do not waterproof as it may damage the material.
Maintenance :
Clean with a cleaning milk.
Shine with a lanolin spray applied using a chamois cloth.
Immediately after purchase, waterproof and regularly reapply to prevent stains and protect the leather.
Maintenance :
Shine with a lanolin spray applied using a chamois cloth.
Waterproof to protect.
CAUTION: Do not apply creams or milks that could get stuck in the embossed pattern.
Immediately after purchase, waterproof and regularly reapply to prevent stains and protect the leather.
Maintenance :
Shine with a lanolin spray applied using a chamois cloth.Waterproof to protect.
Immediately after purchase, waterproof and regularly reapply to prevent stains and protect the leather.
Maintenance :
Clean with a foam or suitable shampoo.
Allow to dry away from a heat source.
Waterproof to protect.

If you have any doubts about your shoe size, our customer service is available by phone and WhatsApp at 07 57 91 87 20, as well as at sav@jonak.fr to answer your questions! You can also find the sizing information for each model in the 'Description' section of our product pages. Remember, the ecological impact of returns is significant, so let's work together to minimize it.

First and foremost, it's completely normal not to have the same shoe size for all models. Each shoe has different characteristics: materials, length, width, toe shape, heel height, etc. This is also influenced by the shape of your foot. Depending on whether your foot is narrower or wider, it will fit differently in the shoe. Therefore, some of you may prefer your usual size, while others may choose to go up or down a size. The most important thing, beyond the size indicated on the sole, is to feel comfortable.

Keep in mind that leather is a natural material that can be softened. However, softening a shoe only affects its width. If your foot reaches the front of the shoe, even after wearing it for hours, you won't be able to increase the length. If your toes touch the front, the shoe is too small. However, if you feel tightness on the sides, on the instep, or at the toes, this can be improved by softening the leather. Here are some tips on how to stretch your shoes:



Use a leather softener: It's a spray that you can apply to the shoes to relax the material.


Wear thin socks and walk around your home in the shoes. This way, you can 'break them in' without reaching the point of 'getting blisters' during the first use.


Alternatively, wear thick sports socks and wear the shoes at home to stretch the leather.


If none of these tricks work, a cobbler can help you. You can take your shoes to a cobbler and tell them where they feel tight. The cobbler will use shoe stretchers to soften the leather as much as needed. This method, while more drastic, is also more effective and can increase the width of the shoes by up to one size.


If you have sensitive feet, below is a ranking of materials by flexibility to help you choose the most suitable one:

Lamb or calf leather: naturally soft and thin

Suede, velvet, nubuck, and split leather: soft and easy to stretch

Cow or goat leather: relatively soft, durable, and easy to maintain

Patent leather: more rigid and difficult to soften.

Environmental properties and characteristics of packaging.


recycled / certified material




Fully recyclable

Front label of shoe boxes

Fully recyclable

Fabric pouch


Fully recyclable

Silk paper

Fully recyclable

Paper padding

Fully recyclable

Cardboard padding

Fully recyclable

Plastic cover

Fully recyclable

Cardboard card

Fully recyclable

Anti-mold bag

Bag mainly recyclable

Shopping bag

FSC certified

Fully recyclable

Sale bag

Fully recyclable

Composition sticker

Fully recyclable

Price sticker

Fully recyclable

Waterproofer and lanolin spray

Fully recyclable

Magic sponge box

Mainly recyclable

Cream polish

Fully recyclable

Nourishing lotion bottle

Fully recyclable


Fully recyclable

Cleaning foam bottle

Fully recyclable

Spray conditioner

Fully recyclable

Jonak Cobbler Workshop

Discover the repair services offered by our skilled artisans.

In order to prolong the lifespan of your favorite pair of shoes and in a more environmentally friendly approach, we offer a cobbler service at our Parisian workshop in our boutiques. At Jonak, we understand how precious your shoes are to you, so our goal is to help you cherish and maintain them in perfect condition. Our Parisian workshop is staffed by skilled artisans who will work with care and precision to restore your shoes, giving them back their shine and longevity. To take advantage of our cobbler service, visit one of our Parisian boutiques where you can drop off your pair of shoes.

Our teams will take note of your needs and ensure that your shoes receive the appropriate care. And to ensure your shoes won't be away from your wardrobe for too long, we promise to return them to you within one week. By choosing our cobbler service, you contribute to reducing waste and embrace a more sustainable approach to fashion. Continue to wear your favorite pairs of shoes with pride, knowing that they have been meticulously restored and will last even longer.

Repair toe

Half-sole refitting

Replace zipper


Shoe polish

Shoe tree

Replace insole

Heel repair

Heel cover repair

Replace toplift

Replace elastic

Height adjustment

Outsole bonding

1 - Inner Sole Replacement

Regain comfort and support by replacing the worn inner soles of your shoes. For hygiene reasons, we recommend replacing the inner soles of your shoes after regular use. Price: 19€ for the pair

2 - Shoe Stretching

If your shoes feel tight, and the leather seems rigid and uncomfortable, take advantage of our shoe stretching service. This process relaxes and softens the leather, and it can also help you gain up to half a shoe size. We can also enlarge boots and ankle boots without zips. Price: 13€ per foot

3 - Elastic Replacement

Our workshop offers elastic replacement for stretched-out elastics on your shoes. Price: 13€ per rubber band

4 - Heel Reattachment

An accidental knock or fall can sometimes cause your shoe heel to come off. Our artisan will reattach your heels securely, ensuring you can confidently step out again. Price: 19€ per heel

5 - Heel Caps Replacement

Shoe heels often endure significant wear and tear. If they've been damaged, our workshop can replace the heel caps to improve the longevity of your shoes and restore their original aesthetic. Price: 60€ for the pair

6 - Height adjustment

Choose the perfect height for your boots or ankle boots to suit your needs. 50€ for the pair

7 - Rubber Heel Cap (Bonbout)

The rubber heel cap, or bonbout, is the layer placed under the shoe heel, serving as the outermost layer in contact with the ground. Over time, they tend to wear out, and we offer replacements in three sizes.

Large: 18€ for the pair
Medium: 15€ for the pair
Small: 15€ for the pair

8 - Zipper Replacement

We can replace your zippers at our workshop. The old zipper will be delicately removed and replaced with the new one, sewn by hand for a discreet and elegant finish. Price: 2€ per cm

9 - Toe Repair

Our artisan revives scuffed shoe toes, restoring them to their former glory. Price: 8€ for the pair

10 - Shoe Polishing

We offer shoe maintenance and polishing services to restore their shine and brilliance.

Shoes: 13€ for the pair
Ankle Boots: 19€ for the pair
Knee-high Boots: 26€ for the pair

12 - Half-Sole Resoling

Replace your outer leather half-sole to regain flexibility and comfort. Price: 42€ for the pair

11 - Sole Protector (Patin)

After a few uses, we recommend protecting your shoe soles with a sole protector (patin) to prevent deformation or premature wear. Price: 24€ for the pair

13 - Outsole bonding

At the first sign of damage, have your outsole repaired to ensure your shoes last over time. 15€ per foot / 20€ for the pair

This service is currently available only in Jonak boutiques and corners within Paris. Unfortunately, our Parisian workshop cannot handle requests outside of Paris as it would increase our carbon emissions due to transportation. Our teams are working diligently to make this cobbler service available throughout France as soon as possible. In the meantime, we encourage you to have your shoes repaired by your local cobbler, supporting local craftsmanship.


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